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An ideal ready to use inflatable bed that is portable, practical and comfortable. The In The Night Garden My First Ready Bed is ideal for sleepovers at family or friends and for taking on holiday. It is an ideal transition from travel cot to bed. The side bolsters prevent your child from rolling out of bed. The in the night garden my first ready bed comes complete with its own pump and handy carry bag. The bed has a soft machine washable cover. Suitable for children over 2 years old. Dimensions 135L x 71W x 32D cm.

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Here are some great features of the My First Ready Bed:

  • All in one sleepover solution
  • A fully portable inflatable bed with soft and cosy cover
  • Protective side bolsters and built in headboard for added comfort and safety
  • Machine washable cover
  • Child proof safety zip--please follow instructions included for operation of the safety zip

This is an excellent space saving travel bed for a child.  The bed is really easy to inflate and stays firm for a week if it is not bounced on.  The colour and design are really cheerful and most importantly it's comfortable and your toddler will feel safe (due to the side borders which prevent them from rolling out and onto the floor) and will sleep all night in it.

The carry bag is also perfect as it makes the bed really easy to store and to take with you when travelling.  

Would recommend - well worth the money.

Here's what one of the owners had to say about the My First Ready Bed:

An Invaluable Travel Bed For Toddlers

We purchased this bed for our 1 1/2 year old toddler and took it along with us as we traveled through Europe. We travel on a budget so we stayed in tiny hotels that usually only had one double-sized bed. This ready-bed was ideal and so much more convenient than lugging a travel cot around with us. It was light and compact and fit in the side pocket of our suitcase! When inflated it always fit nicely in our crowded little hotel rooms.

Our daughter LOVES it and sleeps wonderfully in it. The extra inflated bumps on the sides kept her from rolling out. The blankets are a bit thin and I find in colder months I usually throw another blanket inside (to insulate the bottom) and one on top.

Being an air mattress - it did finally get a small hole in it (after our 100th time of inflating it!) but I was able to patch it up quickly and easily. It does take a few minutes to pump up by foot, but it holds it's shape well. I love that the cover is removable and washable, and even has a few safety features.

I highly recommend this for any parent that plans to travel with a toddler. Now that we're home we still use it occasionally for overnight trips to grandma's house or for sleepovers.

All-in-all a great little bed and one of our most useful purchases!

Review Paraphrased for size - view original review here

We recommend that when purchasing a ready bed you also consider getting a cheap air bed pump that will inflate your ready bed in minutes - much easier/more convenient that using a manual foot pump.

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If your toddler has outgrown his/her camping cot then you should consider replacing it with a "My First Ready Bed".  The My 1st Ready Bed is 135cm long, 71cm wide and 32cm high when fully inflated.  In essence it is a special air mattress tucked into a sleeping bag.

When inflated the two side bolsters and inflated headbox will ensure that your toddler won't roll or crawl out of bed.

It is easy to set up as it inflates in minutes and taking it down is a breeze as well.  It quickly deflates and rolls up to fit into its carry bag and can be easily stored away as it takes up very little space.

This is a "must have" item for grandparents who regularly have grandchildren sleeping over. 

The My 1st Ready Bed comes in a few generic designs but there are also one for every favourite toddler character.  Scroll down to see everything that is available...

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