Double Self Inflating Camping Mat with Inflatable Pillows

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This Double Self Inflating Camping Mat will provide additional comfort during camping trips and will help to keep you warm as the air trapped inside provides a barrier between you and the cold ground.

This Double Mat is much more versatile than standard double mats as it actually consists of two single size mats that can be quickly and easily joined together using press-studs that are positioned along each edge of the mat. It would also be possible to connect more mats to make a larger mat if required.

Each mat is 188cm x 57cm, making a double sized mat of 188cm x 112cm which is large enough for two average sized adults. They are self inflating which means that all you have to do is turn the valve and the mat inflates automatically! Once inflated just turn the valve off to keep the air in. You can also blow into the valves to achieve extra thickness if required.

This gives a comfortable nights sleep even on bumpy or uneven ground. The Mats also have inflatable pillows to provide additional comfort. As the double is made up of two seperate mats you don’t get the annoying roll-together effect you get with other double size mats.

Once you’re finished, open the valve and roll tightly to squeeze out all the air. The included straps will stop the mat unrolling when packed and they come complete with handy storage/carry bags.

Double size self Inflating camping mat